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It just goes with being a little brother

When you have a new baby, you are extra careful to keep him away from large crowds of people who could get him sick. You wait weeks before taking him to church. When you have an older sibling however, they freely bring those germs home to you.

So it was this week when Raine brought home the latest strain of nursery cooties. Her nose started running Tuesday morning. She promptly sneezed all over Carter’s face. Friday morning Carter woke up congested. And so you have it . . . Carter’s first cold.

Today, Raine wanted to play with stickers. Guess where all her stickers ended up . . . yep, on Carter’s belly.

And yes, she stole his “bankie” too.

Phew . . .

Carter had his two-week check-up today and he is gaining weight. What a relief! He still has little bird legs, but that’s because he grew 2.5 inches compared to the “mere” 8 ounces he added to his birth weight. We are raising a string bean!

Here are his stats:
7 lb 12 oz = 25%ile
22 inches = 90%ile

Oh, and did I mention that he sleeps between four and six hours between feedings at night? That’s why I was really hoping that he had gained weight, because I don’t want to have to wake him up to feed him more often — selfish, I know but I have really been enjoying the once-a-night feedings. And luckily, they can continue because Carter is getting what he needs, hurray!!

Someday he will grow into his skin!

Super cute and still mellow

Here are a couple more photos of our cute little Carter.

He is still a great eater, sleeper, and all-around low-maintenance little man. We keep holding our breath, waiting for colic to set in or something, because right now he is just
too good to be true!

Having Carter around has really brought to our attention just how BIG Raine has gotten. I never thought twice about picking her up and carrying her around the whole time I was pregnant. But now, I feel like I’m dead-lifting an anvil every time I try to lift her. I also remember thinking how skinny she had gotten. But sitting with her next to Carter, she looks gigantic. Regardless, she will always be my adorable baby girl!

And GIRL she is! Shoes, jewelry, and babies.

Baby Carter is here!

Carter John Dewey

Born Monday, July 12, 2010 at 8:40 a.m.
7 lb 4 oz, 19 1/2 in

Baby and Momma are both doing very well.

Big sister Raine loves holding the “b-by” and Carter doesn’t mind at all.

We are home from the hospital and very much enjoying our mellow little man.

Fourth of July weekend

Saturday evening we drove to Las Collinas, where DJ works, to watch the fireworks. Fortunately, our week of rain cleared out just in time for the show — although it did cause the cancellation of the orchestra performance immediately preceding the show. But no worries, I’m pretty sure that Raine enjoyed people-watching far more than she would have enjoyed the concert.

Then the fireworks started.

Raine was NOT a fan! Just look at that face.

She watched the show while sitting on my lap with her head against me and my hand securely over her ear.

Despite her severe dislike of one of the fundamental elements of every 4th of July celebration, we made up for it on Monday with a trip to the waterpark!

We all had a blast soaking in the sun while splashing in the kiddie pool!