Monthly Archives: September 2010

Carter’s blessing

Carter was blessed today at church by his daddy. Grandpa Anderson, Grandpa Dewey, Bishop Ted Beal, and Brother Jacob Brown (our home teacher) were all in the circle. We were so glad to have our parents here for the special event.

Grandma Anderson made Carter’s vest and shorts out of my wedding dress (just like she made Raine’s blessing gown from my dress). There weren’t many large pieces left on the dress, hence the shorts rather than pants.

I love that my kids are wearing my dress when they are blessed. It symbolizes the eternal bonds we share as a family — I wore the dress when I was sealed to DJ and now because of that sealing our kids are sealed to us forever. It makes my heart smile every time I look at them.

In this photo: Cosette Phillips (a friend who used to be in our ward), Grandma Dewey, Grandpa Dewey, Carter, DJ, Kim, Raine, Grandma Anderson, Grandpa Anderson.

Ahhh, my handsome boys!

The big TWO

Raine is officially two years old. The terrible two’s, the terrific two’s, whatever you want to call it, we are living it. Her birthday celebrations started Monday night when we had some friends over for a post-FHE ice cream social. Our neighbors, the Eastman’s, gave Raine some “princess shoes” which she instantly fell in love with. There were tears involved when we made her take them off so she could get in the bath tub. And she ended up sleeping in them that night despite our best efforts to get her to leave them next to the bed.

The celebration continued at school on Tuesday. She took banana cookies to share with her class during snack time.

That evening we went to iHop for dinner. It is one of the only restaurants that serves food Raine will eat. Here are DJ and Raine coloring in Raine’s new coloring book while they wait for their pancakes.

Mmmmm, a giant create-a-face pancake for Raine.

We came home and opened the rest of Raine’s presents. Here she is with her pink kitty bath towel.

Saturday evening we had a family party for Raine since all of the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s were here.

After much practice and coaching, Raine blew out her candle all by herself.

Mmmm, strawberries!

Since Raine isn’t a big fan of cake, I opted for the boston creme with strawberries on top. Raine ate a few bites of strawberry, one bite of cake, and then was done. Oh-well, the rest of us really enjoyed it. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Weight checks

Raine and Carter both had their well-baby check-ups today.

Age: two months (closer to two-and-a-half)
Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz, 75%ile
Length: 25.25 in, 95+ %ile

Age: two years
Weight: 30.5 lbs, <90%ile
Length: 38.25 in, off the chart
If Raine was three years old instead of two, she would be in the 75%ile for height. That gives you an idea of just how TALL she is.

Caw-doo, wuvie

Have you ever wondered if you say or do certain things repeatedly without thinking about it? In order to find out, you just need a two-year-old to follow you around. Within a few days, they will have identified your quirks and begun to copy them. Here are some of the quirks that have been “identified” around our house (and some other Raine-isms):

1. “Hi Caw-doo wuvie.” Anytime Raine says Carter’s name it is followed by “wuvie” (aka lovey). And she always says it with a whole load of attitude.

2. The other day we were driving in the car and Carter started getting upset. Soon we heard Raine, “Caw-doo, sshhhhhh. Sshhhh, Caw-doo.” Yep, when Carter cries we shush him just like we learned on “Happiest Baby on the Block.”

3. If you ever hear Raine saying, “careful, careful” you better go check on her because it means that she is climbing on something. (Obviously my warnings aren’t really having the desired effect.)

4. A while ago, Raine started saying “Eww, gwoss” every time I changed her diaper. Apparently I haven’t been real subtle about what I find in her diapers!

5. When Raine wakes up in the morning she scoops her hair out of her face and says “cwazy haiw.”

6. “Spit on it!” This one is ALL DJ. His natural remedy for itchy mosquito bites is to spit on them, so now Raine walks around asking you to spit on her “bug bites.” She also applies her own spit to anything she thinks is a bite on your leg, so watch out!

At this age, there seems to be a constant stream of hilarious, quirky things she does or says. She really keeps us laughing.

The sweetest face

Carter has started smiling socially and I LOVE it!! I may be a little biased about this little guy’s cuteness, but I think everyone can agree that little baby smiles are the sweetest.

Yes, that is Raine in the background telling me that she is naked. She had been sitting on the potty when Carter started smiling and she “finished” (i.e. decided that she had sat there long enough to deserve some chocolate) while I was recording.

First day of school

Raine has been so excited to go back to school. Every time we drive down the road that her school is on, she starts smiling and says “skewel, skewel.”

When the big day finally arrived, she was so excited that she wouldn’t look at the camera. She looked up at her teacher, Ms. Heather, and with a very serious look on her face said “side” (slide), then she was off as fast as she could go.

When I arrived to pick her up after school, she just sat at the table and looked at me. She didn’t want to leave! It took some serious bribery and one last trip down the slide before I could convince her to come with me. I guess that means she had fun!