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SeaLife Aquarium

This has been a LONG, HOT summer — to say the least. Since the pool closed, we needed something new to keep us occupied. I had seen an ad for this aquarium in Grapevine and decided it was a good time to try it out — we have to make the most of Raine’s last few weeks of being two and getting in for free.

It was a blast! Since this was the first week of school, there was hardly anyone there so the kids could run around and see everything without running into anyone. Our favorite part of the aquarium was the 360* tunnel through the big tank.

Carter had a hard time walking on that glass floor, it was hilarious to watch.

The aquarium had all sorts of bubbles that the kids could climb into and see into the middle of the fish tank. Here is Raine saying ‘hi’ to a stingray.

And one of the tropical fish tanks.

Almost all of the tanks had glass down to within a couple inches of the floor so Carter didn’t need any help to see. He felt like such a big kid running from tank to tank and looking inside.

Raine loved the “petting” area. She had no fear of sticking her hand in there and touching anything the worker brought up . . . including this nasty looking little guy.

Carter wasn’t so sure at first, but after watching Raine touch sea stars, crabs, and who knows what else, he eventually worked up the courage to touch one too.

Raine is such a sweet big sister to Carter.

She helps him out and teaches him whatever she knows.

I’m not saying that she never steals his toys or gets mad at him when he touches her stuff, but at moments like this I know these two are going to grow up to be great friends. And it makes my momma-heart smile!

The greatest show on earth

Raine earned a ticket to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for reading more than 25 hours in the library summer reading club, and Saturday was the big performance.

There were a lot of really neat acts. I don’t know what this one was called, but it was fun to watch these guys doing flips on these narrow, springy boards.

The tigers were fun to watch just because they are tigers.

Raine’s favorite part of the show was the elephants. All I heard through the other acts was, “Where are the elephants? When are the elephants coming?” Luckily, the elephants did not disappoint.

I really liked this trampoline act. The costumes made it look like fireworks when a whole bunch of them started jumping at the same time.

Carter was more interested in taking a nap than watching the circus — thank heavens for ear muffs!

After the show, we went back-stage to the animal open house. Raine really liked seeing the elephants one more time.

Carter enjoyed seeing them for the first time!

“Happy Birs-day Deaw Daddy”

We celebrated Daddy’s 34th “birs-day” on Friday with a family outing to the water park (of course). I made arrangements for a friend of ours to meet us at the pool and watch the kids while Daddy and I rode the big slides — like the water roller coaster that we had been dying to ride. After that, Daddy belonged to Raine. She took him up and down the “big kid” slides for over an hour. They had so much fun.

After showers and naps, we took him to Panera Bread.

Then home to open presents.

Raine made him some crafts out of foamies — her current favorite activity.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We really love you.

Here is Raine’s rendition of “Happy Birthday!”

I want to be a cowgirl

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dallin are visiting us in Cowtown this weekend and we have been doing as much as possible with them despite the scorching heat. Saturday morning we headed over to the water park and rode slides until we were too tired to ride any more.

That evening we drove down to Benbrook Farms for a law school alumni picnic. Raine was so excited to ride a horse that we decided to brave the heat just so she could do it. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think that she would actually ride one. I thought she would chicken out once we got up close. But she didn’t. As we stood in line, she kept asking which horsey was going to be hers. Then when it was her turn she walked right up to that great big horse and let me lift her onto its back. I thought for sure she would want down once it started moving, but she didn’t. And when I asked her if she was done riding after a couple rounds, she emphatically told me no.

I walked her around that arena until I was too dog-hot to stand it any more. She loved every minute of it.

Then we joined everyone else in front of the mist-fan and drank as much water as possible.

We definitely initiated Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dallin to the heat today. They sure are going to appreciate Logan when they get home. But Raine had the time of her life, so it was worth it!