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October 2012 photo dump

Life has been a little busy around here this month with all the new cases I’ve been appointed to, not to mention preparing for the primary program while our president is on maternity leave and trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather. As a result, the month will be summed up with yet another photo dump.

10/2 – I’m not sure why the kids were playing outside in their jammies, but here they are one morning picking leaves for “supper.”

10/4 – Daddy took the kids “fishing” at our neighborhood lake. (Is it really fishing if you are using a fish-shaped weight on the end of your line rather than a hook??) The kids loved it and no one got injured, so it was a successful outing!

10/4 – Family movie night . . . complete with popcorn!

10/6 – Ice cream outing while Daddy was at the Priesthood session.

10/8 – Nice day for a trip to the zoo.

10/14 – Carter figured out how to use the camera a few weeks ago so now I REALLY find a lot of randomness on my memory stick. Every once in a while though, amid the numerous shots of household furnishings, I find a cute one that he has taken.

10/22 – Speaking of randomness . . .

10/25 – The weather can be a little variable this time of year. But 80* in the morning dropping to 60* in the afternoon isn’t going to slow us down. We just throw on some cold weather gear with our shorts and we’re off to play.

September 2012 photo dump

I feel like I’ve been failing to record our everyday life lately. So to make up for it, here is a giant photo dump from my phone to capture the everyday “us.”

We have been reading a lot of books, like always. (I’m lovin’ these choo-choo underpants!!)

It cooled off enough for us to venture out to the zoo to see all the new babies. Here is Asha, the greater one-horned rhino.

And Tatu, the zoo’s new baby giraffe.

There were days when we played so hard that we literally dropped where we stood.

And there were days when we stopped to smell the roses (growing in our backyard).

We spent time with our friends (especially Hudson and Cade since their mom was nine-months pregnant).

Daddy converted Carter’s crib into a toddler bed. After that, we never knew where we would find these two kids when we checked on them before going to bed.

I felt like we made a million cupcakes the week of Raine’s fourth birthday — some for school, her real birthday, birthday party. The kids didn’t mind having plenty of beaters to lick!

Raine has loved her new dollhouse.

Carter gets in on the dollhouse action too. He likes to push the button on the fireplace that plays music and then bops around to the tune.

We have been doing plenty of bike riding in the evenings.

We dog-sat for our neighbors and the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. All Raine talked about was taking care of Casey. She learned all his commands and eventually he even started listening to her . . . sort of. Carter wasn’t so sure about Casey at first, but after a couple days they were best friends.