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A few photos from Thanksgiving week

Raine didn’t have school the entire week of Thanksgiving, so you’d think that I would have a whole camera full of fun things we did . . . but I don’t. We have been so busy with the business of life lately that fun outings are becoming quite rare. However, I have been wanting to jump at the trampoline park for years (literally) so I was determined to take advantage of the Toddler Tuesday deal at Rebounderz. It was a lot of fun!




I couldn’t get a good picture of them jumping into the pit, the video is the best I have:

All that jumping was EXHAUSTING!


Thanksgiving Day we met up with a few other families and had a yummy dinner at the church.


The kids spent the next several hours playing in the gym.


Jordyn was so excited to show DJ her shirt — she’s such a cute girl!


And here are the cupcakes that I made for Raine’s class Thanksgiving party.


Halloween 2013


The kids went real trick-or-treating this year, for the first time in their lives, and they LOVED it! They hit about four streets here in our neighborhood and brought home eight-and-a-half pounds of candy. It was ridiculous! People were handing out candy by the handful.

One of our neighbors brought their horse in to give the kids a ride up and down the street. Raine loved riding it but Carter wanted nothing more than to touch it on the leg.

{If we would have known that she was going to be climbing on and off a horse, we would have made her wear something a little more modest!}

The night before Halloween we went to the party hosted by the church that runs Raine’s school, Temple Baptist Church. She saw lots of her friends and her teacher was running one of the games. There was also an amazing balloon artist there who made the kids some cute balloons — after waiting in line WAY too long.


The Friday before Halloween we went to the River Trails/Hurst 1st Wards’ joint party at the Howard’s urban acreage. It was the perfect location for such a party, with its grassy paths winding through the trees where adults set up chairs to hand out candy.


Here are some photos from our pumpkin carving:

{We were trying to keep Raine’s hair out of the goo, that’s the reason for all the bows.}


See the eyelashes? Raine was very insistent that it have eyelashes and Daddy pulled it off for her!