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Raine’s 6-yr stats


On Sept 29, Raine had her well-child check-up:
Weight: 53.8 lbs (86%-ile)
Height: 50 in (99%-ile)

Raine’s height placed her in the 50th percentile among EIGHT year old — not seven, EIGHT! And it makes sense, everyone always asks if she is in 2nd or 3rd grade.


Being so tall is great, but it sure makes it hard to find dress-up clothes that fit! Raine generally wears a size 8, sometimes a 10 to get it long enough, but most dress-up clothes only go to size 6. I finally found this Elsa dress on ebay, shipped direct from China, and was so relieved that I would not have to sew one!
Raine loves her creative play!

Raine’s Wild Kratts birthday party

Saturday morning we had a birthday party for Raine at our neighborhood park with her friends from school and church. We don’t have many photos because I was too busy running all the different animal themed games we did, but here are the ones I managed to snap.

One of our games was the platypus egg rescue relay. The hand-off between Raine and Corrine didn’t go too well — good thing we were using plastic eggs!


The boys’ team won.


Some of the other creature powers we used were bat (pin the tail on the donkey), wolf (Lupo Delle Ore, a game Raine learned from the Friend magazine), and cheetah (tail grab tag).

We had pizza delivered for lunch…


… and then ate cupcakes.


Here they are watching Raine open presents. Their creature power suits turned out really cute, if I do say so, and the kids all loved them!

(clockwise from top left) Karsyn, Corrine, Raine, Elyse, Joshua, Carter, Boston, Hudson, and Cade

Boston, Karsyn, Cade, Corrine, Raine, Elyse, Conner (standing on right), Joshua, Carter, and Hudson

Birthday lunch

Carter and I met Raine at school for lunch on Monday. We brought cupcakes for her class.

Bella, Mayla, Klara, Raine, and Hannah

Ms Cepeda stood Raine on a chair and everyone in the lunch room sang happy birthday to her.



The she handed out the cupcakes.

Raine and Zoe



Raine’s 6th Birthday

Raine turned six on Sunday!


She waited all day long for Daddy to get home so she could open her presents. Our home teacher and his wife (Brother and Sister Jeppson) came to help us celebrate too.


Raine had been wanting new princess shoes ever since the ones that the Eastman’s gave her for her second birthday broke. After MUCH looking, I finally found a pair that were big enough to fit her 8-inch long feet! She was thrilled.

She is always happy to get crafting supplies. It’s the one gift that she’s sure to love every time!


And here is her birthday song:

Everything Raine does is cerebral in nature: reading, writing, imagining, and pretending. The best word to describe her is CREATIVE! The glimpses we get into her little mind are always full of colorful new worlds and ideas that, no doubt, span far greater scenes than can possibly be imagined by someone who isn’t experiencing it with her. I love when she explains something going on in her mind and I recognize it as a twist on some reality that she has interpreted as only a child can!

Raine is always reading. She will finish two Magic Tree House books in a single day when we don’t have much going on. Any spare minute she can find she pulls out a book and starts flying through the pages. Then she will tell us about the wild adventures and historical events that she learned about.

Raine is still a social butterfly who loves being with friends. She is kind to those around her and confident in her abilities. She is always looking for ways to help the poor or to simply brighten someone’s day. It is fun to watch her engage with the world and learn so many new things. She is a brilliant, funny, sweetheart of a girl and we really love her!

Carter’s first Primary talk

Today Carter gave his first talk in Primary and he did awesome! He’s not a real center-of-attention kind of kid so I was concerned that he would refuse to get up there or at least refuse to say anything. But when his turn came, he walked up to the front and loudly repeated his talk without hesitating.

Here is the talk he wrote about gratitude and being thankful:

Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to be thankful. They have given us a lot of blessings and we need to say thank you.
When you tell someone thank you, it makes them feel good because they know that you like what they gave you.
I am thankful for the scriptures and the Book of Mormon. I’m glad that I have a family so I’m not alone.

I’m not sure what prompted that last line, but he was very serious when he said it to me so I wrote it down. I think it provides a little insight into his personality though. He always wants one of us to play with him and he loves being cuddled, so it makes perfect sense that he doesn’t like to be alone. Thinking back, it was really hard on him when we moved Raine into her own room. He didn’t want to be in the room by himself and always wanted one of us to lay on the floor next to his toddler-bed while he went to sleep. (Fortunately, he has a great dad who would lay there with him on the hard floor.) The more I think about it, the more examples I can think of that show how much he hates to be alone. And not just anyone will do, he wants to be with his family. It’s something I’ll cherish more consciously now. After all, it’s doomed to change eventually!

Here is a video of Carter repeating his talk after church. It was OBVIOUSLY not his idea to do it!

Carter’s first day of pre-K


Carter FINALLY started school this Tuesday. He was extremely excited to get back and play with his best friend Kaden. When they saw each other at meet the teacher last week, they couldn’t decide whether to hug or what! It ended up being a chest bump half-tackle as they compared super-hero t-shirts. Little boys are so funny!

One of Carter’s friends from church is also going to be in his class this year. Carter is excited to have Jack be a church friend AND a school friend now.


I’m excited to see Carter progress this year. Raine never attended pre-K, she went straight from the three-year-old class to kindergarten, so this is new territory for us. But it will be good for Carter, hopefully he will improve his writing skills!


{Carter calls that smile his ‘happy hulk smile.’ He does it every time I take a photo of him and it always cracks me up. It all started when he began using his money to buy super-hero action figures. I won’t let him have anything with a mean or angry-looking super hero but finding one with a happy or even just neutral-face is not as easy as one may think — especially when it comes to the Hulk. We finally found one with a smile on its face and Carter calls it his happy hulk. For some reason, he has decided to start imitating its smile now. Whatever, at least he’s smiling instead of hiding from the camera!}