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Christmas 2015

Here are some of our favorite photos from Christmas morning.


The kids were up early this year — at least earlier than Daddy and I wanted to get up — so they had to do the waiting game while we got going. Finally, it was time to look through their stockings.


They get to open all the presents in their stocking at the same time.


Then, we sort out the presents under the tree and open them one by one, taking turns from the youngest to the oldest.



Carter was so excited for Daddy to open the drone that he picked out.


After the presents under the main tree were opened the playing began while Daddy and I made breakfast.


At some point, Carter happened to wander into the library and realized that there were more presents under that tree (just like last year).


They were so excited to get scooters. They rode around the circle for hours in their jammies.



As soon as Daddy got his drone charged, he brought it outside for a test flight.


Raine spread out her new art supplies on the driveway and went to work making posters for her girls only spy club.


We had a great Christmas, very low-key and relaxing. In fact, we had so much food left over from the night before that we didn’t even bother to cook our Christmas ham until today! We also made our favorite breakfast treat today, monkey bread!


And finally, here is our Christmas family photo.


Christmas Eve 2015

We had a very warm Christmas this year and the kids loved it. They spent the entire day before Christmas playing outside with our neighbors, Riley and Ryan. They even insisted on a picnic lunch so that they wouldn’t have to miss a minute of sunshine.


That evening we hosted Christmas Eve at our house and had several of our favorite families here to celebrate with us — the Walkers, Eastmans, Richeys, and Boyers. The kids donned scarves, towels, and neckties to act out the nativity story.

Carter and Alice were the shepherds. Avery and Hudson were Mary and Joseph.

Here come the wise men, Boston and Cade.

The entire cast: Jordan (narrator), Carter (shepherd), Alice (shepherd), [BACK] Raine (angel – she was standing up on the stairs so my pictures didn’t capture her), Boston (wise man), [FRONT] Cade (wise man), Avery (Mary), Hudson (Joseph).

After the nativity we played gift exchange games. The kids played the left-right game and it was hilarious because most of them don’t know their left from their right without at least thinking about it for a minute! Once they finished we sent them upstairs to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas while the adults had a white elephant gift exchange.


After saying goodnight to all our friends, the kids opened their Christmas pjs — ninja turtle jammies!



November 29 – family photo for this year’s Christmas card.


December 6 – Raine decorated our Christmas tree.


Why was Raine the only one decorating? Because Carter fell asleep on my shoulder and Daddy was washing dishes.


Carter made up for his evening nap later that night — the clock behinds us says 11:35 and Carter was as wide awake as he looks. Good thing I had a trial to prepare for and wasn’t planning to go to bed before mid-night anyway! The next day, my trial notes had little 5-year-old drawings scattered throughout.


December 8, Carter put the star on top of the tree. (Our old one shorted out last year so we had to buy a new one, that’s why it went on a few days later.)


December 10, Kindergarten gingerbread decorating.



December 12, Ward Christmas party photo with Santa.


December 14, delivering Christmas presents to the Texas Fort Worth Mission office. We have done this for years and (despite Carter’s face here) the kids enjoy helping me put together bags for Elders and Sisters who may not have received something from home.


December 17, class Christmas parties. Raine really, really wanted me to come to her party and even asked me if I could ask the Judge to let me go. Needless to say, I made it to the party!


Raine’s class made pillows and played BINGO.


Raine and Mackenzie


I attended Carter’s party too. We made reindeer food and listened to a story.


This Christmas is our first with me working full-time. Initially, I was worried about how we would get everything ready in the limited time we have, but to be honest, it was far better than years when I had all the time in the world. We didn’t have time to worry about the “extras,” we simply focused on the most important things — celebrating Christ with our family. It was far less stressful than years past and far more enjoyable.

Soccer trophies

Both Raine and Carter had their soccer trophy night at Milwaukee Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Carter received his trophy from Coach Paul, with Coach Daddy looking on.


Then later that evening, Coach Mom handed out trophies to Raine’s team.