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October and November school pics

10/11 – Carter and Spencer playing math games.

10/13 – Carter’s class doing body-spell, Carter is on the right side next to the girl in the pink shirt.

10/15 Fall Festival – Carter shooting arrows with a bow.

10/15 Fall Festival – Raine loved the money cube, she collected coupons for things like a no-shoes day.

10/15 Fall Festival – Raine making a wax hand.

10/17 – Carter labeling bones in PE — Carter is right in the middle, striking a pose.

10/25 Red Ribbon Week – crazy hair day

10/26 Red Ribbon Week – mix-match day

10/26 Red Ribbon Week – Carter’s class on Mix-Match day — Carter is the 3rd from the right, in the back.

11/1 – Carter’s class celebrating the 50th day of school — Carter is in the middle, in the back.

11/4 – Carter’s class listening to a shared reader — Carter is in the middle in a black and grey striped hoodie.

11/5 – Carter got a spelling award that included a free kids-meal at BJ’s. The manager came to our table and made a big deal about his award. She even gave him an Awesome Achiever pin.

11/5 – The whole fam at BJ’s.

11/10 – Carter’s class making math sentences with their jackets — Carter is third from the left on the front row.

11/29 – Carter’s class did a writing assignment about Santa getting stuck in a chimney.

11/30 – Author Aaron Reynolds (“Caveboy Dave” and “Nerdy Birdy”) came to visit the school. Each grade level met with him. Raine got to ask him a question — she is up front in the purple shirt. She asked if he had any pets. Carter got an autographed copy of “Creepy Carrots.”


Thanksgiving break

Friday afternoon we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and the BOGO black-Friday deal at Mountasia. We played mini-golf . . .



Raine climbed every face of the rock wall . . .



Daddy and Carter rode the go-carts . . .


then we all rode the go-carts . . .


then Carter and I rode the bumper boats . . .


lastly, we played video games in the arcade.

Thanksgiving 2016

The San Antonio Millers came up to spend Thanksgiving with us this year and it could not have been more fun. Ritchie and I are cousins on our Moms’ side and their 7-year-old daughter Jessica falls perfectly between our kids’ ages. The arrived Wednesday night so Thursday morning the fun started bright and early. The dads went to the Turkey Bowl, then came home and played soccer with the kids while dinner cooked.


The neighbor kids, Ryan and Riley, joined the game.


Dinner was great. We had sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, orange rolls, and turkey. We picked only our favorite dishes to cook.

Ritchie, Lindsay, Raine, Jessica, Carter, Daddy, Me

The kids played outside most of the day. Their little feet were so filthy that I wouldn’t let them into the house, so they all climbed up to the utility sink to wash together!


The kids all slept in the same room Thursday night (they tried Wednesday night but due to some obviously hilarious gas-passing, they had to be separated) and were up early Friday morning choreographing a skate show in the garage.


All too soon the Millers packed up and said goodbye.



Fall soccer

Soccer is a family affair around our house. Daddy coaches Carter’s U7 team while I coach Raine’s U9 team.


The Peppermints played in the Northern Mid Cities Soccer League this year and ended the season with 5 wins, 2 ties, and 3 loses. It was good enough for 3rd place in our bracket.

Back: Leighton, Hannah, Makena, Amber, Katie, Lexi. Front: Jacqueline, Eugenia, Raine, Maddy, Greysen, Grace.

The Great White Sharks had a great year as well. They don’t officially keep score, but IF they did they would have had a lot of wins.

Carter, Owen, Luke, Trace, Branson, Kale (missing Conner)


Carter received his trophy after the game.



Here are a few photos from Carter’s game on Nov 12.


Carter scored a few goals this season. He has become a pretty good little player — although he still loves to fall down. As soon as he puts a little bulk on his bones, he will be a tough attacker.



Nov 5 – Carter’s game


Sept 23 – Raine’s game. This was a Friday night makeup game and Grandma and Grandpa Dewey were there to cheer.


Raine exclusively plays defender and she is really good at it. She has a good sense of where the ball is heading and has developed a pretty accurate kick. She saved a lot of goals from being scored against us this season.


Aug 27 – Carter’s first game of the season.



(It’s obvious who takes the photos in this family! Poor Raine doesn’t have any good photos because I’m always coaching her games.)

Halloween 2016

Carter dressed up as a hot dog while Raine went as a spy.


We decorated the house a bit this year.


The mythical house that gives out full-size candy bars really DOES exist!


We always hit the after-halloween sales to pick up more costumes for our dress-up bucket. Here’s Carter as a bug ninja.


Some of my co-workers, especially my legal assistant, have been pulling pranks around the office lately. One of the legal assistants had her notary stamp suspended in jello, one of the attorneys got a drawer full of paperclips all linked together, another one of the legal assistants had everything in her office wrapped in rubber-bands. Well, Raine was home sick one Friday and I came back on Monday to THIS:


I had to cut my way into my office with a pair of scissors. So, the next weekend I took the kids and DJ to the office to cover everyone’s office supplies with googly eyes! (Staplers, tape dispensers, hole punches, file cabinets, monitors, computer mice, keyboards, microwave, light switches, etc.) I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want any evidence, but it looked AWESOME! Raine even left a couple voice messages for people where she said “I’m watching you!” and laughed her evil laugh. It was great.