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Raine’s 9th birthday

Raine wanted to go to Six Flags for her birthday this year, so instead of a birthday party, I bought season passes for our whole family. She invited her best friend Mackenzie to come with us the Saturday before her birthday. It was blistering hot, but we survived a few hours of riding rides.



(Raine convinced Carter to ride the Conquistador before we left — one of those pirate boat rides that swings back and forth. He is definitely my kid and doesn’t like anything that drops your stomach so he was screaming and crying the entire ride. He was so mad at Raine for suggesting that he go on it, he yelled at her the entire way down the ramp!)

Raine’s actual birthday was on a Thursday. Daddy and I brought Subway sandwiches and ate lunch with her and her friends.

Zoe, Raine, and Mackenzie


Thursdays are soccer practice day so there wasn’t much time to do anything else. Raine loves breakfast foods, so we had puffed pancakes for breakfast and baked french toast for dinner. Then we had cake…





…and presents.



Current stats:
Height 4’9-1/4″ = 97th %-ile
Weight 68.8lbs = 60th %-ile


Raine is a bookworm! She reads at least a thousand pages every week. Her favorite books are spy/mystery novels, e.g. Genius Files, Fun Jungle. She also loves “floofy” books, i.e. Dork Diaries, Goddess Girls. Raine does very well in school and LOVES being a library helper — she even talked about wanting to be a librarian when she grows up but decided against it because they don’t get paid very well. Her other career ambitions include fashion designer or nature conservator.

Raine is always writing — she never finishes books, but she is constantly starting them. She’ll get 5-10 pages written before moving on to her next great idea and they are always really great stories. Once she finally finishes one, it will be fantastic!

Raine is a very headstrong kid. She truly believes that she knows everything and is always right. She can also be extremely sarcastic (I blame myself for that). Generally, however, she just wants to tell you about her latest great idea.