Taking Daddy to the “pool”

We FINALLY took Daddy to the water park this weekend so he could see first-hand how much fun we have. Raine loves the water and is quite the fish. She has also become quite the dare-devil. She will go down any of the slides that she is tall enough to ride.

We started at the toddler slides.

Carter likes to ride too.

My cute water babies.

Next it was time for the “big kid” area. There are five or six twisty slides that go down the backside of that big structure and Raine and Daddy rode them all. Unfortunately, there is so much water splashing, spraying, and dumping in this area that I couldn’t get any photos of them on the slides without completely soaking the camera.

This next photo shows the whole area, including the HUGE bucket of water that periodically dumps over the structure. On the right side of the photo is an orange slide. It is the kid’s equivalent of a drop-slide.

Raine kept insisting that she wanted to ride the orange slide, despite our best efforts to talk her out of it. So we finally said “okay.” I had seen other kids about her size go down and all of them flipped when they hit the pool so I knew Raine didn’t stand a chance. I stood right next to the slide, at the bottom of the drop, so that I could pull her out. I wish I had a photo of the look on her face as she came out of the tube and dropped — sheer terror! Sure enough, when she hit the pool she flipped. I grabbed her before she could get scared and starting telling her how cool that was. She just stood there with a look of shock on her face. I asked her if she had fun and she nodded her head “yes.” Then I asked her if she wanted to do it again and she shook her head “no.” I think she believes us now that it is a scary slide!

We did a lot of swimming and wore out poor Carter. He snoozed in the stroller while Raine and Daddy floated in the wave pool.

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