Playtime in the UK

Here is a sneak-peak at some of the kid-sized fun we had on our trip to England and Wales.

We came upon this little playground across the street from the Tower of London.

Raine loved that great big slide.

The swimming pools were a hit with both kids. Carter splashed and splashed then would do a little frog kick as we swam around.

The hotel in Preston had a little water-slide that Raine couldn’t ride enough! (It was pretty steamy in there and after we took this photo they told us that cameras were not allowed so this is all we have to remember it by. You can see the end of the yellow water-slide at the top of the photo.)

We found this fun playground in Ruabon, Wales, one of the towns where Grandma Dewey’s ancestors lived.

It had a little zip-line that Daddy enjoyed more than either of the kids.

Carter’s favorite pass-time was to drive the car. He would put one hand on the shifter, one on the steering wheel, and then laugh and drool.

2 thoughts on “Playtime in the UK

  1. Joni

    Um, I don’t even know what to say… I thought we had plans. I thought we were friends. But, um, it looks like you had fun. Without us. Glad YOU got to go. :0)


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