Shorts and snow days

Tuesday and Wednesday it was 80 degrees outside.





Thursday morning we woke up to temps in the 30’s, and wind-chills in the 20’s. By late afternoon, the freezing rain was starting to fall. Friday, we had our first snow-day!

Daddy finally made good on his promise to take Raine tubing . . . in the driveway! He tied a rope to one of the handles of his vintage sno-tube so he could keep her from flying out into the street. Then he used the rope to pull her back up the driveway before sending her down again.


Carter wasn’t so sure about this tubing business at first. He preferred to just slip and slide around on his feet.


I convinced him to ride with me.


Then he was hooked.


By the time we came inside, two of our neighbors were “sledding” down their driveways too. It was great!

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