A few photos from Thanksgiving week

Raine didn’t have school the entire week of Thanksgiving, so you’d think that I would have a whole camera full of fun things we did . . . but I don’t. We have been so busy with the business of life lately that fun outings are becoming quite rare. However, I have been wanting to jump at the trampoline park for years (literally) so I was determined to take advantage of the Toddler Tuesday deal at Rebounderz. It was a lot of fun!




I couldn’t get a good picture of them jumping into the pit, the video is the best I have:

All that jumping was EXHAUSTING!


Thanksgiving Day we met up with a few other families and had a yummy dinner at the church.


The kids spent the next several hours playing in the gym.


Jordyn was so excited to show DJ her shirt — she’s such a cute girl!


And here are the cupcakes that I made for Raine’s class Thanksgiving party.


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