Christmas 2013

Raine’s nativity drawing

Christmas was extremely basic this year. Four months ago, our lives were really thrown out of balance and we are still trying to find a new normal. I feel like I’m always behind, that I can’t catch up, and I am exhausted from trying! DJ has always done a lot around our house and it has been a hard adjustment to have him around only half as much as he used to be. It has also been a big adjustment for me to have a kindergartner. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is sucking up all my time — I always thought I would have more time when the kids started school full time, but it is definitely not working out that way.

Because of all this discombobulation: we only got about half of our Christmas decorations put up; we didn’t go anywhere or do anything special; presents were minimal; we didn’t take around plates of goodies to our neighbors; we didn’t get out to look at Christmas lights; and the list goes on. We took care of the things that absolutely had to be taken care of and the few “extras” we managed to eek out were just a bonus.

Christmas day was a blessed day of family time . . . FINALLY!! We didn’t have to do anything, so we didn’t. Carter was the first one awake so he woke up Raine, then we all sat around the tree and opened presents.

{No, it’s not your glasses, ALL of the pictures are out of focus! I’m not sure what happened. The camera must’ve had a little too much eggnog!}


Raine forgot to put out her stocking, so Santa decided to hide the presents and left her a note stating that she would have to find them. (They turned out to be in her sock drawer, of course!) Good thing he didn’t just put the presents back in his sleigh because Raine really liked the electric toothbrush that he left!



Carter did a good job picking out a present for Raine! He went to the craft store (even though “it’s stinky”) and picked out Barbie scrapbook paper (making sure Barbie was modest first) and iridescent gel pens. This kid knows what his sister likes!


Breakfast was Belgium waffles with fresh fruit.


Then it was time to play with the new toys.



Raine sang into that microphone all day long . . . I think it’s safe to say that she liked it!


The afternoon was perfect for playing outside.


Last year we had snow on Christmas so Raine kept waiting for it to come this year, too. I finally convinced her that you can have Christmas without snow.



There was a lot of jumping going on, I think they were excited!




A bubble bath was the perfect way to end the day. “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


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