Fort Worth Stock Show

This was the opening weekend of the Fort Worth Stock Show. Saturday we went downtown to the parade. It is a fabulous parade for kids who love horses because it is 100% non-motorized. There are literally hundreds of horses — big ones, small ones, furry ones, some pulling carts, lots carrying riders, some with braided tails, some with painted toenails.

One rider steered his horse right over to us and asked Raine if she wanted to pet it. She was in HEAVEN! Of course it happened so fast that I couldn’t get a picture of that great big smile. But here she is earlier.

Carter didn’t care, it was nap time.

Yesterday, we went down to the Stock Show. This is what 4-H and FFA kids look forward to all year — so I’m told. There are huge barns full of perfectly manicured farm animals for you to look at and countless competitions to watch.

We had a blast in the petting zoo.

Raine petted a few goats, a chicken, and a couple rabbits. We kept our distance from the llama though.

When our feet were tired of walking through the barns, we sat and watched the paint-horse cutting competition.

So much fun!

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