2014 New Year

We did absolutely NOTHING the week between Christmas and New Year. It was spectacular!

New Year’s Eve we finally made it out to look at Christmas lights! Not everyone had their lights on in Interlochen, but there were enough to make it worth our time.



On New Year’s Day, we decided to see the movie Frozen at the theater. I bought the tickets online and despite my best efforts to hustle us up there on time . . . DJ ended up on the phone with some lost soul who needed saving, and we missed our show. Fortunately, we were able to exchange the tickets for a later time. While we waited, we drove up to Central Market and had a late lunch.

This was the kids’ first movie theater experience, and they LOVED it. (Especially since we came prepared with earphones!) We went to the Colleyville Cinema Grille where they have a full menu and super comfortable chairs. We aren’t big movie people, but if you are going to watch one, this is the way to do it!


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