Six-month old Carter

Yesterday was Carter’s half-birthday — I swear it took Raine a lot longer to get to six months than it has taken Carter. Today he had his well-baby appointment and here are his stats:
Weight: 17 lb. 10 oz. +50%-ile
Height: 27.75 in. 90%-ile

Carter cut his bottom two teeth last week, just days apart. Now we think twice about letting him stick our fingers in his mouth.

He is starting to sit better every day. He used to always fold over like a taco and then yell at us because his belly was getting squished. But now he holds himself up until he tips over to the side.

His rolling skills are coming along nicely as well. He can easily roll from back to front and has rolled from front to back once.

He is quite the babbler. I’m not sure what he is trying to tell us, but he thinks that if Raine can do it, so can he.

Carter is also quite the smiler — anybody, anywhere, just about anytime. He is a real flirt! When we go anywhere, people literally chase us down to tell us how cute he is — “yes, we think so too”!!

As a side note, taking a second child with you to a doctor’s appointment is not for the faint of heart. I intentionally scheduled Carter’s appointment on a day that Raine would be at school so that I wouldn’t have her with me. As the day drew closer however, I realized that it was an early release day. I considered changing the appointment, but in the end decided to just tough it out.

Everything was going well. Raine sat silently on the chair the entire time because she knows that the doctor’s office is where you get “poked” and she didn’t want to call any undue attention to herself that could result in her being the victim, rather than Carter. When the nurse came in to give Carter his shots she brought Raine three big princess stickers. I remember seeing her peel one off, but then all my attention was turned to holding Carter as they drowned him with the Rotovirus vaccine and then poked both of his legs. As I finished consoling Carter and packing up our stuff to leave I thought, “I wonder what happened to Raine’s stickers.” I assumed they were stuck to her shirt and didn’t give it another thought. As we walked down the hall toward the waiting room the nurse bid us farewell and then, laughing, she said, “Hey Mom, all her stickers are stuck to your butt. Just in case you didn’t know.” I reached back there and sure enough they were each expertly placed in a line across my backside. Sheesh!

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  1. Karin

    Wow. Talk about updating the blog. Carter is so cute. And the stickers across the rear is classic. Wish we could you guys more often.


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