Super cute and still mellow

Here are a couple more photos of our cute little Carter.

He is still a great eater, sleeper, and all-around low-maintenance little man. We keep holding our breath, waiting for colic to set in or something, because right now he is just
too good to be true!

Having Carter around has really brought to our attention just how BIG Raine has gotten. I never thought twice about picking her up and carrying her around the whole time I was pregnant. But now, I feel like I’m dead-lifting an anvil every time I try to lift her. I also remember thinking how skinny she had gotten. But sitting with her next to Carter, she looks gigantic. Regardless, she will always be my adorable baby girl!

And GIRL she is! Shoes, jewelry, and babies.

3 thoughts on “Super cute and still mellow

  1. tara hunt

    Congratulations!! I haven’t been able to access your blog from mine for a while now, so sorry I have been silent for a time! I am so happy for you guys and I am sure Raine will be a great big sister.
    love Tara


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