Fourth of July weekend

Saturday evening we drove to Las Collinas, where DJ works, to watch the fireworks. Fortunately, our week of rain cleared out just in time for the show — although it did cause the cancellation of the orchestra performance immediately preceding the show. But no worries, I’m pretty sure that Raine enjoyed people-watching far more than she would have enjoyed the concert.

Then the fireworks started.

Raine was NOT a fan! Just look at that face.

She watched the show while sitting on my lap with her head against me and my hand securely over her ear.

Despite her severe dislike of one of the fundamental elements of every 4th of July celebration, we made up for it on Monday with a trip to the waterpark!

We all had a blast soaking in the sun while splashing in the kiddie pool!

One thought on “Fourth of July weekend

  1. Sue Dewey

    These pictures are priceless! Her scared little face because of the fireworks is so sad! But it looks like Little Fish had a fun day in the water!


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