Family vacation to San Antonio

This weekend we took an early Memorial Day vacation and drove down to San Antonio Thursday morning. We stayed at a very fun resort that had its own water park. Here is the view from our room, looking out over the kiddie pool, the golf course, and the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

First thing we did was put on our suits and head to the water park. There was something for everyone. Raine’s favorite was this little water slide in the kiddie pool — she must have gone down it at least 50 times while we were there.

She had the biggest smile on her face as she ran from the slide to the stairs over and over. It was all DJ could do to keep her from drowning as she tried to run through the water.

That evening, my cousin Ritchie and his family came over and we all went swimming. Raine and 13-month-old Jessica loved splashing around in the pool. We had SO much fun, in fact, that I forgot to take any photos.

Friday morning we headed back to the water park, this time with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dallin (DJ’s sister and brother-in-law who are living in San Antonio for the summer).

We had a blast riding the slides, floating the lazy river, and swimming in the pool.

That evening we all headed downtown to the Riverwalk where we ate dinner.

Saturday morning we had a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel.

Raine tried to eat her weight in fresh blueberries (“bew-bries”).

After breakfast, we went back to the water park for a few more trips down the slide. Then we packed up and met Sarah and Dallin for lunch. Around mid-afternoon it was time to say our goodbyes and make the four hour drive home. It was such a fun vacation . . . and we still have Monday to relax and get done everything else we need to do!

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  1. Grandpa Dewey

    I love your posts. I have to enlarge every picture and study it. Thanks for helping us stay in touch with what a is going on and to see our little Raine grow and develope.


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