Girl’s Night . . . In

Last weekend DJ was at the father-son campout so Raine and I had a girl’s weekend. (No, he doesn’t have a son, yet, but he “adopted” one of his former 11-year old scouts who didn’t have a dad to take him.)

Our girl’s night didn’t quite go as planned. It all started when Raine refused to take a nap. I tried to put her down, DJ tried to put her down, but she was having none of it. So this is how our night ended up:

5:15 DJ get’s packed up and leaves to pick up his “son” and head up to the campground.

5:30 I give Raine a bath.

6:15 Raine starts eating her noodles while I heat up my dinner. (We would have gone out but since Raine didn’t take a nap, I didn’t take a shower and was not feeling like going anywhere.)

6:20 I sit down at the table to eat . . . look over at Raine . . . and see this:

Yep, that marked the end of our girl’s night. It was over before it even began.

To make up for it, we decided to have a girl’s morning. We woke up early — not by my choice — and headed to IHOP for breakfast. Mmmmm, yummy!

Raine took at least one bite from each of her five pancakes. She was in heaven with so many options before her all at the same time.

After breakfast we stopped at Godiva for some delicious chocolates. After all, no girl’s outing is complete without fine chocolate, and I’m so glad that Raine agrees. Chocolate is about the only treat that she will eat; she LOVES it!

One thought on “Girl’s Night . . . In

  1. DJ

    That pancake picture is so cute. She looks quite pleased with herself to be eating pancakes at a restaurant.


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