A little diddy about Carter

Carter is such a character! He has been killing us lately with some of his antics. Like the other day when I heard hysterical laughing coming from the kitchen and went out to find this . . .

Carter had a bowl full of soapy water and was rubbing the bubbles all over his belly. It was a MESS, but how do you get mad when you’re laughing too hard to talk?

He has been a big fan of dressing up lately, too. Here he is working on his workbooks while wearing his hat and Swiper mask — “What? It helps me concentrate.” (Around here, fleece hats are considered dress up since it’s too hot to wear them outside!!)

This video is my favorite. He had just come out with his new jammies on and was demonstrating exactly what that bear on the front was doing. The laughing fit in the middle was a result of Daddy coming at him with “tickle fingers” — love that snort! His face and little clap at the end kill me every time.

[Video taken Nov. 11, 2012]

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