Thanksgiving week — the big day

Since Thanksgiving was just going to be the four of us this year, I decided to make it as simple and relaxing as possible . . . so we all could enjoy it. To accomplish this, I decided to only make the side dishes that we really love. This would cut down on effort as well as allow us to eat more of the good stuff without getting too full on the OK-but-not-my-favorite stuff.

Our three side dishes included orange rolls (because it just isn’t Thanksgiving without those), marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes (because we just don’t have those any other time during the year), and green-bean casserole (not something I grew up with, but something I recently realized that I love). DJ was in charge of the turkey and selected a nice small turkey breast.

In keeping with my goal to make Thanksgiving easy, I made two of the sides ahead of time — sweet potatoes on Tuesday, green beans on Wednesday — and had them sitting in the fridge, ready to go into the oven. First thing Thursday, DJ got the turkey into the slow-cooker. Then we all headed out to the turkey bowl.

It was really nice weather and the kids and I had fun playing soccer while Daddy played football with the old men.

When we got home, the only food left to make were the orange rolls. The kids had fun helping.

By 3:00, it was finally ready. Yummy!

Unfortunately, we were just a tad too late for Carter! I guess we should have tried to squeeze in a nap before dinner.

We had a yummy strawberry-rhubarb pie later in the evening with Nancy Walton, whose husband was working on Thanksgiving, and that completed our simple and delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Here are the things that went on our Thankful Tree this year:
Raine – Momma, my room
Carter – Daddy, toys
Momma – Stay home with my babies
Daddy – Happy family

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