Raine’s 6-yr stats


On Sept 29, Raine had her well-child check-up:
Weight: 53.8 lbs (86%-ile)
Height: 50 in (99%-ile)

Raine’s height placed her in the 50th percentile among EIGHT year old — not seven, EIGHT! And it makes sense, everyone always asks if she is in 2nd or 3rd grade.


Being so tall is great, but it sure makes it hard to find dress-up clothes that fit! Raine generally wears a size 8, sometimes a 10 to get it long enough, but most dress-up clothes only go to size 6. I finally found this Elsa dress on ebay, shipped direct from China, and was so relieved that I would not have to sew one!
Raine loves her creative play!

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