Thanksgiving week — ICE!

We stayed home this Thanksgiving and spent the week having fun with each other. It was a fabulous week.

Wednesday evening we headed up to Grapevine to see ICE! at the Gaylord Texan. What an AMAZING display! They set up a tent with massive refrigeration units, drop the temp down to 15*, then truck in two-million pounds of ice and some Chinese sculptors. The theme was DreamWorks’ Merry Madagascar.

Our first stop was the coat check where they issued us each a coat. (This is Texas after all, we don’t have the kind of gear you need to be comfortable in that climate. It was in the upper 70’s outside. We couldn’t even put on our fleece jackets until we were inside where it was cool.)

Did I already mention that the sculptures were AMAZING!?!!

Family shot.

Raine loved the ice slides and went down over and over.

Carter loved it too. He had a little too much bum-friction though; he had to lay down and scoot himself with his feet. It was hilarious to watch. He thought it was great.

The final room featured a beautiful, crystal-clear nativity with the Christmas story playing over the speaker system.

After we finished ICE, we walked around the atrium looking at all the Christmas decorations.

This life-size gingerbread house was very impressive. It was made from 2100 bricks of real gingerbread, 1000 pounds of sugar, and 50 gallons of icing.

The kids loved all the train displays.

What an AMAZING outing!

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