Raine’s baptism

Saturday, September 24 was Raine’s baptism day.




A number of our family and friends joined us for the baptism. My cousin Shannan and Alexa drove all the way up from Houston to support Raine. Grandma and Grandmpa Dewey came down from Utah for the weekend.


The Eastmans, Stahelis, and Boyers all came up from our old ward. It is always fun to reconnect with them.


Daddy performed the baptism and confirmation. Grandpa Dewey gave the talk on baptism. Grandma Dewey gave a talk on the holy ghost. Raine’s primary teachers, Sister Behymer and Sister Newland offered the opening and closing prayers. The confirmation circle included Grandpa Dewey, Bruce Crandall (bishopric member), Rob Norr (home teacher), Evan Eastman and Bryan Boyer (from the old ward). Brother Crandall conducted and welcomed Raine to the Ward. Molly Wood, the Primary President, made sure everything ran smoothly and welcomed Raine to Activity Days. My visiting teacher Carrie Moyle played the piano. She went above and beyond to practice the songs that Raine wanted so that she could play them smoothly. Raine picked two songs written by Grandma Gabbott for her big event, “Baptism” and “He Sent His Son.”



Our little friend Alice took this photo during Grandpa Dewey’s talk on baptism. Evan sent it to us afterward. I love the perspective it provides.


After the baptism we had a taco-bar luncheon at our house. Here are Raine and Alexa.


It was a great day. The support of our friends and family really meant a lot to both me and Raine. Raine really love being spoiled. Grandma gave her a special necklace and bracelet.


Her primary teacher, Sister Behymer, gave her a gift bag full of craft supplies. Several of her friends made cards for her. The Eastman’s gave her a whole bunch of bracelets. Sister Sweeney gave her some Shopkins. Sister Vanderpool embroidered this fluffy white towel with Raine’s name in her favorite color.


That evening was the General Women’s meeting at the church for all women and girls age 8 and up. I was so excited for Raine to finally be old enough to go with me. My illusions of a wonderful experience for Raine were shot down rather quickly as Raine threw her head back near the end of first speaker’s talk and declared, “This is SO BORING!” It was starting to look like Raine might die of boredom, but fortunately, the meeting ended and they opened up the gym with tables full of donuts. She recovered pretty quickly then!


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