End of school

May 17, 1st grade field trip to the Dallas Arboretum – Feaster’s Firsties
Carter is on the back row, on the left, in the blue hat.

May 25, Fun Day (aka field day)

Raine playing hyper-ball. Right after I took this photo a big boy came and stole the ball off her cone and she chased him down and pulled his flag. She is a serious defender!

Carter’s class doing the tug-o-war.

Carter and Raine’s class doing the tug-o-war.

Carter’s class went undefeated in the tug-o-war among the four 1st grade classes. (It was all thanks to those girls up front, they were fierce!) Here they are doing their class cheer.

Raine playing tube-tug.

Carter lining up for the 100m dash.

Raine during the water battle.

I skipped work for a few hours so that I could hang out with them.


June 1, Start of Summer party
The last day of school, the PTA has a big party with an inflatable water slide, bounce house, dunk tank, and other games. They also grill hamburgers and have a DJ playing all their favorite elementary school dance tunes! I didn’t take many photos but here is Raine waiting to be dunked…

…and Carter playing baseball on one of the inflatable games.

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