2nd grade field trip

Carter’s class went on a field trip to the SeaLife Aquarium on Thursday and I went with him. It was pouring rain and driving wind when we arrived at the aquarium. It looked like a hurricane! We were all soaking wet by the time we made it inside.

Ben Murdock was in our group. (There were 11 parent chaperones for the 19 kids in his class so the groups were very small!)

Carter looking down into the stingray tank.

Carter and Ben watching a shark swim toward them in the glass tunnel.

A giant ray swimming overhead.


These guys were such 7-year-old boys, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were constantly poking, pushing, and picking up each other! And laughing the ENTIRE time.

Touching sea anemonies.

Touching sea stars.


They had a “shark school” presentation at the end of their tour. When it was over, Carter informed me that it was the stupidest presentation ever! I had to agree. If you are going to call it shark school, it needs to be about sharks, not sustainable fishing. I appreciate the conservation efforts, but the best way to encourage conservation is to give kids an understanding of the amazing creatures under the sea so that they will WANT to preserve them.

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