Texas Rangers baseball game

Friday evening our good friend, and former neighbor Evan Eastman invited us to a Texas Rangers game against the Boston Red Socks. He had a suite with reserved parking — it was AWESOME!


Our parking spot was right across the street from the main gates.

You have to eat a hot dog when you go to a baseball game.

2018-05-04 20.54.18



After the game they had a really cool fireworks show set to music. It was pretty late by the time we headed home. Raine was tired, but little Alice was so wired from the cotton candy, M&M’s, and Twizzlers that she kept telling us that she wasn’t tired at all!


This was the first time that our kids have been to a major league baseball game. Watching from a suite was definitely the way to go for kids because they could get up and walk around, and there was a restroom right in the suite. Hopefully they won’t expect this from now on!

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