Anderson Family Reunion – day 1 and 2

June 16 – We drove up to Heber City for the Anderson Family Reunion at Timber Moose Lodge.


This was the first family reunion for the Jay and Nelda Anderson family in a whole lot of years. Dad was the only one of their children who was not there, because he’s on a mission in Germany. All of my siblings were there at some point, but not all at the same time. Ryan was there Sunday night but Jake’s family hadn’t arrived yet and John’s family was only there during the day on Monday.



June 17 – After breakfast, we hit the giant indoor pool.

Millie, Raine, and Addy

20190617_092325 (2)
Carson and Carter

20190617_092430 (2)

20190617_102037 (2)
Playing sharks and minos

Hiking around the grounds we saw a deer.


Pastels with Aunt Barbara


I helped Connie make a whole bunch of batches of a variation of these goodies; we used Rice Chex instead of corn flakes and left off the chocolate on top. In a couple batches we used nutella instead of peanut butter. These things disappeared fast!

20190617_152448 (2)

That evening we all rode the Heber Creeper.

Addy, Raine, Carter, and Carson

First, the wild-west shootout.


Dixon, Annie, Addy, and Raine

There was a lot of entertainment along the journey.

20190617_200805 (2)

20190617_202558 (2)

20190617_194432 (2)

Some didn’t get into it as much as others.

20190617_194557 (2)

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