Germany – day 11-12

Sunday, January 5, we walked next door to attend church with the international (English speaking) ward. The church is near embassy row, where there is a large American embassy compound among those from other countries, so there were a lot of foreigners attending that ward.

We spent the morning, before church, at the zipline.

You can hear the church bells ringing in this video of Raine on the zipline.

Monday, January 6, we went to downtown Frankfurt again. Raine and I rode the ubahn down earlier than everyone else so that Raine could get in some thrift-store shopping before we left. After that, we walked over to the St├Ądel Museum, where we met everyone else, to see the Van Gogh exhibit.

Self portrait 1887

There were so many beautiful paintings, ones you see in all of the art books, it was hard to decide which ones to take photos of.


Not everyone appreciated seeing some of the most famous paintings in the world.

We hurried through parts of the other exhibits because the kids were hungry, and bored. It would have taken a week to see all of it; every time you turned a corner there was another famous painting, like this Renoir.

We walked across the Main River to the Zeil where we had lunch and did a little more shopping.



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