Table Rock Lake – day 4

Tuesday we started the day with a little mountain biking. Raine “hates” biking, so she offered to stay at the condo with Tucker while Daddy, Carter, and I set off to the state park to ride the trails.

Being the newbs that we are, we didn’t realize that each trail had a different difficulty level… or that we just happened to select the most difficult trail!!! Luckily, there was a cut-through in the middle so we only had to do half of the loop.


Carter’s goal for our trip was to find a salamander, so he stopped to check every creek we crossed.

All he found was this little crayfish.

After making it out of the expert course, we headed over to an easier loop that promised a waterfall… I think this was it.

All that biking was exhausting! Somebody needed a snack.

He was a lot better when he finished than when he started!

That afternoon we swam in the lake again.


Sunset over the lake.

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