First days of school (COVID style)

School started on August 17 but the first three weeks were all virtual learning while the campuses put their safety measures in place— plexiglass dividers, hand sanitizer stations, separating desks, etc.

Raine had athletics in the morning in-person, then came home and got online.

20200817_071132 (2)

I initially set up a table for Carter in my office so that I could keep on eye on him and make sure the was on task and online when he was supposed to be…

20200817_080115 (2)

20200817_080420 (2)

…but I quickly realized that that was a TERRIBLE idea and it prevented me from getting any work done, so we moved him to the desk in the kitchen that DJ built.


Virtual school was awful and we couldn’t wait for in-person classes to start! The first day of in-person learning was September 8.

20200908_072930 (2)

20200908_073709 (2)


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