Raine’s 3rd birthday party

Today was Raine’s birthday party with some of her friends. We held it at the newly revamped playground in our neighborhood — the equipment is all new and they just finished the pavilions over the picnic tables, it is really nice. The kids played and ate cupcakes, it was a lot of fun!

“Mmmm, cupcakes!”
In this photo: Raine, Cade Walker, Elyse Staheli, Zade Brown, Alicia Brown, Ashley Walker, Boston Walker, Kaiden Bond, Alysha Bond, William Staheli.

In this photo: Raine, Zade, Cade, Elyse.

Admiring the present that Boston and Cade decorated. (Kaiden is in the background.)

Making sidewalk art with Carter, Cade, and Kaiden.

Carter still has his obsession with balloons.

I caught Carter just long enough to get a photo . . . he’s always on the go these days.

Swinging with Elyse.

Discussing life with Zade.

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