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December activities

December 1 – Raine’s choir concert at the Colleyville Tree Lighting

Raine is almost hidden in the back row.

Petting one of the reindeer after the concert, while Carter played the carnival games.

December 2 – Ward breakfast and nativity
Only Raine participated in the Primary’s nativity — Carter just wasn’t feeling it that morning. Raine chose to dress as one of the wise men “because back in those days ‘men’ meant women or men so there could have been some women who were wise men.” Since we couldn’t argue with the logic — ‘men’ is used to refer to ‘mankind’ — we just helped her find a costume!


December 28 – Six Flags Holiday in the Park
We braved the cold to see all the Christmas lights and festivities at Six Flags.

The Wile E. Coyote roller coaster is the only one that Carter (and I) will ride so we started there before splitting up.

Carter and I at the Justice League ride.

Raine and Daddy went on the Texas Giant! Actually, Raine tried to back out at the last minute but Daddy wouldn’t let her. She was slightly traumatized — it was a bit more thrill than she was ready for — but at least now she can say that she did it! Afterward, we met up to sled down the snow hill. (Daddy was the only one that I got a good photo of.)

December 30
Raine started (and finished) the Harry Potter series during the school holiday. She read about a book a day for the first few days!

The weather was REALLY cold so we spent a lot of lazy evenings sitting in front of the fire.

Christmas 2017

Early Christmas mornings have never been a problem at our house, but because of Carter’s excitement, we told him that he couldn’t come wake us up before 6:30 on Christmas morning. At 6:30 on the dot, the kids broke through the wrapping paper covering the archway at the end of the hall and jolted us awake!





Carter’s first task was to build one of his lego sets.


Raine immediately snuggled down into her beanbag chair and read a book.


Daddy cooked us a perfect dinner (even using my new Instant Pot to cook the sweet potatoes).





After dinner, we played some Wii games (cause we’re old-school like that).


Christmas Eve 2017

Oh the bribery that it took to get this photo! And my camera remote stopped working so I had to do it old-school, with the 10-second timer followed by a mad dash into position.

Carter was so excited for Christmas (i.e. presents) this year, so I wrapped up some new jammies that I found on sale at Target and let them open those on Christmas Eve.

They were so excited . . .

At least until they got the boxes open!!!

Then, we all put on our jammies and piled in the car to look at Christmas lights.


People who not only take the time to put up lights, but also choreograph them to music, are the BEST!

So are people who wrap lights around every last inch of a giant tree!

After putting out the cookies for Santa (the plate had 3 cookies when it left the kitchen, but somehow only had 2 when it arrived on the hearth) the kids went to bed. (Although Raine had to re-brush her teeth first. And then Carter remembered that the reindeer needed oats. But after all that, then they went to bed.)