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Football and volleyball — trying something new

This summer we decided to try a couple new sports. Carter has been begging to play flag football for months and I finally backed off my strict no-football policy and let DJ sign him up. My hope is that allowing him to play flag football now will satisfy the need to play football that every male Texan seems to have, before he gets old enough to play contact football. He is NEVER going to play contact!

The team he plays on is brand new, so the first game on 6/10 was pretty rough!

But the second game… well, what a difference a week makes!

The video captured it all. Carter forced a turnover by pulling the flag before the little guy on the other team crossed the half-line on the 4th down (they get 4 downs on each half of the field). Then on the very next play he ran down for a touchdown. His very first touchdown! The next bulldog possession he ran the full length of the field for another touchdown.

“Seriously Mom, a photo?”

Earlier in the morning, Raine had her first volleyball game. Raine was not begging to play volleyball. In fact, I forced her to play! She attended a three-day camp the week after school let out, and she decided that she still hates volleyball. So I “encouraged” her with the promise of some praying mantis eggs if she gets 400 good passes or serves this season (that breaks down to 25 per practice and 25 per game). So far, we have had to practice in the backyard after practices and games in order to get the other 20-24 good ones — this sport definitely doesn’t come naturally to Raine!

First day of volleyball camp June 5.

At the game, I volunteered to be a line ref and the last words I said to DJ were “make sure to take some pictures.” Well, once again Raine has no photos to document her athletic endeavors!!! Maybe next game.

End of school

May 17, 1st grade field trip to the Dallas Arboretum – Feaster’s Firsties
Carter is on the back row, on the left, in the blue hat.

May 25, Fun Day (aka field day)

Raine playing hyper-ball. Right after I took this photo a big boy came and stole the ball off her cone and she chased him down and pulled his flag. She is a serious defender!

Carter’s class doing the tug-o-war.

Carter and Raine’s class doing the tug-o-war.

Carter’s class went undefeated in the tug-o-war among the four 1st grade classes. (It was all thanks to those girls up front, they were fierce!) Here they are doing their class cheer.

Raine playing tube-tug.

Carter lining up for the 100m dash.

Raine during the water battle.

I skipped work for a few hours so that I could hang out with them.


June 1, Start of Summer party
The last day of school, the PTA has a big party with an inflatable water slide, bounce house, dunk tank, and other games. They also grill hamburgers and have a DJ playing all their favorite elementary school dance tunes! I didn’t take many photos but here is Raine waiting to be dunked…

…and Carter playing baseball on one of the inflatable games.