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Spring break in Colorado – part 2

The 13th and 14th we went skiing at Loveland Ski Resort. The first day Carter and I stayed on the beginner hill while Daddy and Raine spent the day on the bigger run in the lower bowl.


Below is a video of Carter’s snowboard skills shortly after lunch as well as Raine skiing down the upper run. Carter didn’t do too bad for his first day, especially since he only had a skier to teach him! I tried to convince him to let me put him in snowboard school so that someone who knew what they were doing could teach him, but he refused, he wanted me to teach him. Since I love spending time with him, I agreed!

We had BEAUTIFUL weather both of the days we skied. It was perfect spring skiing.


The second day, Raine and I spent the morning together while Daddy and Carter rode the mountain together. We switched later in the day.


Thursday, the 15th, we started our drive home. We took the scenic route, through the mountains.



We stopped at Royal Gorge for a few minutes.



Then we continued to Canon City where we ate lunch at Bunk House Burgers. Yummy!


We made it to windy Amarillo with just enough time to swim in the hotel pool while we waited for Pizza Hut to deliver our dinner.


The next morning we blew the rest of the way home.


It was roasting hot when we got home but perfect weather that evening to watch Ferdinand the movie outside in the town square.


Carter wore his mustache the entire time. I don’t know why, but this kid LOVES mustaches.


Spring break in Colorado – part 1

Carter had been begging to go snowboarding ever since the Olympics, so when we had the opportunity to stay with my boss and her family in Breckenridge over spring break, we did it.

March 10 – Saturday morning we headed out. Our goal was to make it to Pueblo, CO with enough time to swim in the hotel pool. We weren’t particularly speedy, but we made it early enough to swim.


March 11 – Sunday morning we drove to Denver to attend church and hang out with the Ellis family. But first, Carter needed to burn off some energy!


Sunday night we stayed at Uncle Jake and Aunt Candi’s house.

March 12 – Monday we drove up the canyon to Frisco, where we were staying with the Williams family. That afternoon we headed up to the sledding hill for a little snow fun. Raine had picked out a saucer sled while Carter found a toy snowboard so that he could make sure that’s what he wanted to do before we rented a real one and paid for a full-day lift ticket.



Here are a few of Carter’s first attempts at “snowboarding.”