First birthday party

On Friday, we celebrated Carter’s 1st birthday with friends at NRH2O water park.

“Hey, somebody stole my shirt.”

“Mmmmm, good cupcake; don’t you think George?”

Left side: Ashley, Cade (hidden), and Boston Walker; Aaron and Natalie Guerrero
Right side: Cloe Guerrero, Raine, Ophelia (hidden) and Katya Kinzler, Emma Guerrero (hidden)

Carter had lots of help opening his presents.

“Hey, blocks!”

“Hmmm, I wonder how you get these animals out of the tube?”

The official high was 107*, to say it was hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. This crayon that was left on the table shows how we felt if we were out of the water for more than a few minutes.

Carter fell asleep while DJ and Raine were at the wave pool. In order to avoid him ending up like the crayon, I packed him with half-frozen capri sun pouches and fanned him with a gift bag.

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