Raine’s 5-yr stats

Pony rides at our neighborhood block party.

Raine had her well-child checkup on September 27. She was 47 inches tall and weighed 47 pounds, she is square! Raine is still above the 97th %ile for height, in fact, her current height places her above the 75th %ile among SIX-year-old girls. Her weight places her just below the 90th %ile for her age.

The doctor also confirmed what the school recently told us, that Raine may need glasses. Her right eye sees at 20/30 but her left eye is seeing at 20/70. It isn’t terribly bad, so we are going to wait until January to take her to the ophthalmologist — in other words, we are going to wait until we can get her on the vision insurance!

One thought on “Raine’s 5-yr stats

  1. Charmaine

    She is still tall isn’t she? You didn’t tell us about the picture of her riding the horse. I would like to know that story.



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