Fall Break 2013

Fall Break officially started with a half day of school on Friday, Oct 11. That morning was grandparents’ day and Raine had a great time with her Grandma DeeDee. Raine adopted Grandma DeeDee, aka Sally Barnhart, a few years ago. Raine loved to make crafts — still does — and Sally loved to receive them. They have shared a very special relationship ever since. When we were trying to think of a good surrogate grandparent, I suggested Sally and Raine jumped up and down squealing “Yes! Yes! She will be the best grandma!” Sally was equally thrilled to fill the role and from what I hear, they had a great time.

When we picked up Raine from school, we headed straight over to the zoo for one last visit before our membership expired. “Fortunately” we arrived just in time for the zoo show, where Raine anxiously volunteered to hold the snake.


We made sure to see all our favorite animals, especially all the babies. We saw the baby jaguar for the first time.

(My photos didn’t turn out so here’s one from the zoo.)

Everyone was feelin’ the love as we snacked on fudge and played in the barnyard!


Saturday, one of Raine’s kindergarten-friends, Corrine, had a birthday party at Trinity River Farms. We got soaked by a downpour as we fed the goats and ended up waiting it out in the car. Afterward, we got all sorts of muddy as the birthday part resumed. The car ended up a muddy mess, but it was worth it to Raine to ride a horse and hang out with her friends.


Wednesday we decided to take Carter to school and then head to the museum. This was Raine’s first time. She *loved* all the craft stations and opportunities to build something. Our backpack was full of crafts by the time we left!


We also visited the new Curious George exhibit for the first time. There were plenty of fun things to explore there.


The rest of our week was filled with sleeping in late, home-cooked breakfasts, . . .


loads of crafts, . . .


playing outside, . . .


and . . .

. . . flying around the house in nothing but fairy wings, a butterfly mask, and underpants! This girl is a *NUT*!!!

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