Gettin’ Jimmer-ed

We took the kids to see BYU and super-star Jimmer Fredette play TCU yesterday. Even though the final score was 79-56, with 23 of those points scored by Fredette, it really wasn’t the most impressive showing. Regardless, we had a load of fun watching.

Despite Carter’s distressed appearance in the previous photo, that was only a result of the way I was holding him (and how long DJ took to push the button). The rest of the game he looked like this:

Raine’s favorite part of the game was watching the “crazy guy” (aka the horned frog mascot). She couldn’t wait for the time-outs so he would run onto the court and dance or flip. The whole time they were playing she would ask, “Where’s the crazy guy? Mommy, where’s the crazy guy?”

3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Jimmer-ed

  1. Sue Dewey

    How fun!! It was great that you even got tickets! Dave tried so hard to find you in the crowd, and was really disappointed when he couldn’t. I’m glad the kids liked it so much.

  2. Karin

    Our neighbor nick-named their new baby Jimmer. That’s going a little too far if you ask me. Carter looks cute in his earphones. Good idea. Glad you had fun.


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