Last day of tumbling

Today was Raine and DJ’s last day of tumbling. This has been such a fun class, we will have to do it again next fall.

Here they are doing stretches.

Raine’s assisted backbend.

Walking on the big balance beam.

Raine with her teacher Ms. Tammy on the bars.

Walking solo on the wide balance beam.

Doing the vault.

And Raine’s favorite, the obstacle course.

A quick note about Raine’s weekend “illness”: we are pretty sure now that it was all just related to teething. Even though I’ve heard that those two-year molars are bad, I wasn’t expecting THAT, that was some serious teething. Now however, she is fully back to normal, except for her sudden attachment to a pacifier — this from a child who screamed bloody murder if I even got near her with a pacifier when she was a baby — and the vast amounts of drool constantly streaming down her chin — I feel like getting out the burp cloths again.

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