Grandma & Grandpa Anderson’s visit

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson flew down from Utah to visit for a few days this past week. They arrived on Halloween, just in time to help Raine carve her pumpkin.

We kept them busy with projects while they were here . . . nothing photo worthy. But we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the zoo.

One of the flamingos stood up from its nest just long enough for us to see the new baby she was sitting on.

We lucked out in the petting-zoo too. Raine has been itchin’ to pet a chicken again and she finally got the chance.

Just a little sibling love at the alligator shack.

Of course the kids had to take Grandma on the carousel.

We stopped to see the turtles on our way out.

This last photo is going into the history books . . . Grandpa painting Raine’s toenails!

Let’s be clear: Grandpa is NOT a “beauty-parlor” kinda guy. This is a result of him distractedly saying “uh-huh, OK” to Raine while he worked on his laptop. She was talking a mile a minute — explaining the universe and how to solve its problems, or something like that — and he was busy reading something or other and pretending to listen by agreeing every so often. Well, at some point the topic turned — unbeknownst to Grandpa — to Raine’s need for a mani-pedi. She was telling him how Momma hadn’t kept on top of her chipping paint and then told him that he could do it for her. As soon as he agreed Mom and I looked up with eyebrows raised, not believing what we had just heard him agree to. Sure enough, he was oblivious, but there was no going back now. Raine had a commitment and she was not going to let him back down nor forget. And so we had a Kodak moment that will never be repeated!

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