Miscellaneous March

Carter’s soccer team, the Sharks, with their mascot!

Carter is 2nd from the right.

Raine was team captain at her last soccer game. She has improved significantly over the last week and came within inches of scoring a goal this past Saturday. It’s been fun to watch her get more confident and “aggressive” (if you can use that word with Raine) on the field.


This time of year has the best weather for playing outside.


Carter has been using the warm evenings to work on his bike riding. Pretty soon, we’ll be ready for a family bike ride.

Saturdays this month were full of soccer games, birthday parties, and grocery shopping.


Daddy taught Raine how to play Uno while we were stuck home on a snow day and she was instantly addicted! We have played hundreds of hands of Uno this month.


Picking out new frames.


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