First day of school 2012

Raine and Carter went back to school today at St. Philip’s Preschool. They were both so excited to meet their new teachers and get down to business! (Actually, Carter was most excited about nap time so he could use his new nap-mat!)

Raine is going to attend Tu-W-Th and her teachers are Ms. Terri (who usually teaches one of th pre-K classes) and Ms. Lenise (who she had last year, and to whom I attribute Raine learning to speak like a Texan — like when she came home and told me she was “fixin’ to” do somethin’). Carter is going to attend Tu-W and his teachers are Ms. Melissa (our neighbor) and Ms. Lori (Raine’s other teacher from last year).

Preschool has been so good for these two. Raine loves everything about it and spends all summer asking when it will start again. It has really helped her social skills and has given her the structure that she thrives on. School has given Carter a real sense of independence. It also gives me one day a week with just him. I am very excited for this year to again spend that day doing things he likes, just the two of us!

School has also helped me be a better mom. I can get done most of my “boring big-people stuff” while the kids are at school and then have time to devote solely to them when they get home. It is the perfect balance for me.

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