Memorial Day weekend in Houston and Austin

Friday, May 27 we drove down to Houston. The wildflowers along the road were awesome.



How did I get such clear-ish photos of the flowers? Traffic came to a near-stop as we crossed a flooded river.


It took an extra hour, and we had to ford a flooded road or two, but we eventually made it to the Rumsey’s home in Spring.

Saturday we went for a walk to turtle bridge. Here are Raine and Alexa on their scooters crossing the bridge.


Carter, Alexa, and Raine found more “treasures” than they could carry in their hands.


Raine and Alexa with a herring in the background.


That afternoon we went for a swim.

2016-05-28_Cswim (2)




It was exhausting!


Sunday we joined the Rumsey’s for sacrament meeting then packed up and headed west toward Austin. We saw even more flooding as we crossed the Brazos in the hardest hit areas. There was water everywhere.

We made it to Austin just in time for Daddy to check-in for his triathlon. They cancelled the swim, just like last year, because the current in the river was too strong.

The kids decided to check out the rooftop pool at the hotel (it was only on the roof of the parking garage, 4th floor). Here they are waiving to me up in the room.


2016-05-29 18.51.20

Monday, Daddy left early for his race and stood under a bridge while the rain poured down and the lightning flashed. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then sat on the patio watching the rain.



The bike portion of the triathlon was canceled but they were still going to do the run at 10:00. Daddy decided that he didn’t want to wait around that long so he came back to the hotel and took a shower. As we left the hotel about 11:00 we had clear blue skies and sunshine!

We met up with the Walkers for lunch at The Salt Lick and had promised the kids that we would go to the Inner Space Caverns, but lunch took so long that we didn’t have time to take a cave tour. We mined for gems instead.



We looked at the zebras and then hopped back in the car for the drive home.


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