Carter’s 2nd Birthday

Carter’s birthday was very low-key this year. We did so much celebrating with family the last couple weeks that we decided to keep it simple for the real day. We started the day at the pool, of course.

We met up with our friends, the Walkers and the Guerreros, and ate donuts (“nut-nuts” as Carter calls them).

Momma, Carter, Boston, Sister Walker, Raine peeking up from behind, Cade, Elijah, Hudson’s left eye, and Evan.

That afternoon we made cupcakes. At some point while I was making dinner, I turned around to find Carter with his mouth stuffed full of cupcake. Raine had been more discreet, but the second half-eaten cupcake gave her away. Apparently they were too good to wait for.

After dinner Carter opened his presents.

Silly faces — Carter is going to have to work on his a bit more.

He was excited to open the “beeegh” (big) present.

Very excited to mow the carpet . . .

. . . and play baseball

He also loved the pop-up soccer goal we got him, the video shows that best. I love the little run-in-place he does every time he kicks the ball.

This video captures Carter’s personality perfectly. He is very happy and easy-going and has such animated expressions. He likes to be clean . . . except when he is intentionally making a mess. He is such a cute kid, I could just eat him up!

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