Utah (part 3) — Anderson Family Reunion

Wednesday, July 4

Independence Day started at the playground…

…then moved on to the mini-golf course.

Look at that form!

This mini-golf course holds so many memories for me. I worked at the resort every summer of high school and many of my shifts were spent in the mini-golf shack. The rest of the time I was scooping ice cream or working the register in the store. Ah, fun times!

After golf, we headed up to Paris, Idaho for the 4th of July Parade.

Small-town parades are great because they still throw candy to the kids. Here are Logan, Raine, Carter, Carson, and baby Addy checking out their haul.

After the parade, we headed down the road to the Paris Youth Rodeo. It featured chicken chasing, pig chasing, rabbit chasing, and lots of mutton bustin’. Logan and Carson tried their hand at the chases. Fortunately, they came up empty-handed because the prize was to keep the animal you caught. Raine preferred to watch the events from the stands but told me that next time she would do the mutton bustin’.

On the way home, we stopped for famous Bear Lake raspberry shakes — except the kids wanted vanilla and chocolate, so Daddy and I enjoyed the shakes.

The fireworks show that night was canceled and all fireworks were banned because of the tinder-dry conditions, so we had fun playing water balloon games instead.

Carter thought it was hilarious to get moving so fast side-to-side that his balloon would fall out and pop. He had us all rolling with laughter at his little wiggle-run.

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