Daddy’s 40th birthday

Daddy turned the big four-oh this year so we needed some party decor to celebrate. I put it up while Daddy and the kids were in Utah. They came home to black balloons and streamers all over the house.


Daddy didn’t appreciate some of my signs as much as I did — I thought they were hilarious!


First thing Saturday morning, Daddy opened presents. Since this guy is so old, he doesn’t need any more “stuff.” Instead we gave him activities to create memories while he is still young enough to enjoy them!!! But first, he opened the “Vintage 1977” t-shirt so that he could wear it the rest of the day.


Carter gave Daddy an outing to the archery range that they can use together. Raine gave Daddy an outing to a local rock climbing gym so they can climb together. I gave Daddy an escape-room outing that we were all going to do that evening.


We had an early dinner of Latin food at Gloria’s.


Then we headed to the escape room where we attempted to escape from prison. It was so much fun! We all loved it, even though we didn’t quite make it out.



After that, we had pazookies (with trick candles).


The next day, a bunch of Daddy’s friends came over for cake (or peach pie) and ice cream.


Evan Eastman brought Daddy an awesome old-man gift complete with reading glasses, magnifying glass, ensure nutrition shakes, prunes, and 40 candybars.


Brad Grubbs brought him a pink My-Little-Pony card with an outing to an old-school arcade!


Daddy was a good sport, despite all our (my) teasing about how old he is! He still has at least another 2x 40 years of life left so in comparison, he still a young gun!!

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