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When we saw how beautiful the weather was going to be today, we knew we had to make one last trip to the zoo before the summer heat keeps us away. We decided to see the new show again, since the kids loved it so much when we saw the sneak-preview. It is a cute crime-solver mystery about the missing star at Lone-Star Ranch.

It is full of animals, like this “pokey-pine” (I love this Raine-isms so much that I can’t bring myself to correct her!) . . .

. . . and the opossum.

At one point in the show, they asked for volunteers. (Since we had seen the show before, we knew what the volunteers were in for.) Raine eagerly raised her hand and was selected to help . . .

. . . hold a 50-pound Burmese Python named Betty. Here is a video of it. I’m not sure how much weight she was actually supporting, but she was definitely touching it. Afterward, she told me it was squishy. You can also see her sort of slide toward the kid next to her as the snake’s head got a little too close. This girl is a fearless animal lover, she will touch pretty much anything!

And not to be left out . . . this little guy thought it was pretty cool that “Rah-Rah” got to hold the “ssssss”!!

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